Rent Somewhere Else!

We booked through Travelocity months in advance. When we changed the number of days for our trip no one could reach them. We had prepaid. Travelocity recommended a new booking. So we did. Now we had 2 prepaid bookings and it took numerous calls and emails to get a response to make the change.
When we arrived, there was only 1 person helping a gangly if customers and it took almost an hour. Then, the car we were given was a POS. It has 100,000 miles on it, needed new tires, the brakes squealed and the rotors were grinding on rear brakes. We had several warning lights come on throughout the use of the car. We thought about just leaving it somewhere and telling them to come get it. Thankfully, it stayed in one piece until the end of our trip. Then, we waited another 30 minutes returning it and waiting for a ride to the airport. Very disappointed.
Upon explaining our experience and concerns, the kid at the counter told us to email corporate with complaints. So I did. Nothing.