Dishonest business

When we picked up the car, the agent told us to check thoroughly and take pictures where there is damage. He accompanied me to ckeck the car and pointed out damages.

When we returned the car around 8:30 am in the morning in Jan, another agent told us that the shuttle was open and he would send us to the airport immediately. Our flight was 11 am and we were not able to reserve seats. We were 2 adults with 3 kids. The shuttle was really cold. We had been waiting more than 10 mins and the agent was chatting with his colleague in the office. Then he came over and told me there was a chip in the front glass. He charged for 100K ISK. We didn’t have time to argue because we needed to get to the airport. He said they checked chips on the front glass everytime a customer picked the car. But his colleague didn’t.

The condition of the car was not good either. Wheel tended to go left. No GPS though it was on the order. Their address was also different from that in the order.

Overall it doesn’t seem a professional and host business.